Once we have enough players, we will begin our 1st tournament.

How it works:

Tournament events will be organized by hunters and monsters. Teams of 4 hunters will be pitted against a randomly selected monster player from within the tournament's monster pool.

    Common Questions

  • Do I have to have a clan to enter?
    • No. Players are welcome to sign up as a Free Agent, though your team will be selected for you at random if you aren't signed up with a group.
  • How often will tournaments take place?
    • Right now, we are aiming towards hosting a tournament every weekend.
  • What do I need to do to enter?
    • All you have to do is Join the Hunt by signing up. It's free, and only takes a few minutes.


Tournament matches will be determined on 2 factors: Wins-Losses and a point system ranging from 0-4.
Monster is Monster receives Hunter receives
Killed in stage 1 0 2
Killed in stage 2 1 1
Killed in stage 3 2 3
Destroyed the power plant 3 0

In the event of a tie, the point system will determine the winner.

In the unlikely event that both W-L and Points are tied, the winner will be decided with a sudden death round - 1 game for both teams.

The monster for this game will, by default, come from the opposing teams monster pool (regardless if this player has been previously eliminated). If the clan has no monsters, the tournament will postpone until a willing monster from the original tournament pool has agreed to play.

In the event there are more monsters than available hunter teams, the remaining monsters will be ranked according to their W-L.

In the event of a tie, the monster players will be have their points compared, and be ranked accordingly. In the event of another tie, the results will be posted as such.
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