Meet the Monsters


Enter the Goliath - big, mean, and hungry. This monster is a brawler, and gets in nice and close to have his fun. Chucking big rocks, smashing the ground from a jump, breathing fire and charging like a 10 ton bull are all in his bag-of-tricks - but know when take your winnings and just get the hell out of there.

Goliath requires aim before firing off the ground smash or charge abilities. The rock throw do some serious damage if it lands, and fire is always great at damaging blinded opponents and making them back on up.


The Kraken is a beast of legend, controlling the forces of lightning and lumbering above the battlefield with its creepy little shoulder wings.

This bad boy is not one to laugh at - equipped with a concentrated blast of lightning, enemy-homing proximity mines, an up-close and personal aftershock and a powerful vortex that flips any hunter in its path for a few loops.

Your best bet is to keep moving if you're fighting the Kraken. Keep him close to the ground and make sure to avoid those nasty shocks.


Fuck the Wraith. Wraith OP. In any case, post-nerf maybe things will be better but the Wraith is the master of illusions. A hit-n-run monster with nefarious abilities like decoy and abduction.

The Wraith can also do some major damage up close with its supernova ability, and sneak in to pop off a warp blast on unsuspecting hunters to make them think twice about continuing to interrupt its feast.

The Wraith truly is the most dangerous monster yet released, and I think I love to hate him.

Future Monsters


There isn't much known about this guy except he's rather... big. I'm excited to see what this powerhouse brings to the table.

Hopefully some of that speed most of the monsters enjoy is curbed to allow for some hard-hitting action. Behemoth is beast mode x10. Is it out yet?

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