The planet Shear is a treacherous place brimming with hostile wildlife, dangerous cliffs - even the plants are out to get you.

The Dam

The Dam is a difficult map that provides little relief from attacking wildlife and ample food for the creature. With the exception of the dam itself, the entire map is covered in a marshy swamp with tall walls limiting your choices for movement. It's a monster's paradise, but a well place arena can flip the scales to the hunters favor - for a little while, at least.

Rendering Plant

The Rendering Plant is a large map with a good mix of terrain. The middle of the map bottlenecks, making any monster north of the chokepoint easier to locate and trap. The open areas and tall buildings provide great opportunity to spot and kill the creature, forcing the creature to be on constant guard and one step ahead of his pursuers.

Fusion Plant

The Fusion Plant is filled with caverns and has a large central valley surrounded by high terrain. It's easy to run out of jetpack fuel traversing this heavily elevated map, with dangerous creatures waiting a tasty treat at the bottom. The monster can almost always be found in one of the two large caves, feasting in peace as the hunters try not to die from the unforgiving landscape.

Orbital Drill

The Orbital Drill is an industrious map with plenty of large buildings and structures. A smart monster can cautiously traverse the waterways, leaving few tracks for the hunters follow. With so many places to hide and plenty of obstacles obstructing the hunters view, locating and trapping the monster can be difficult.

6 new maps coming on release (Feb 10th, 2015)

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