Hunter Guide

There are several different hunters in Evolve adding a unique variation to the team dynamic. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, though some seem clearly more useful than their counterparts.


Playstyle: Up-Close and Personal

The assault is the tank of the group.

This heavy hitter excels at pumping out damage and keeping the monster's focus away from the rest of the team.

Using the Personal Shield, the assault can temporarily block all incoming damage. This allows the assault to rush in for a beat down, or survive long enough to heal back up before going in again.

*An active shield does not prevent the monster's sneak attack.


Playstyle: Tactician / Hit and Run

The trapper is responsible for finding and trapping the monster.

Trappers must be quick and clever, ready to intercept the monster and provide a good kill box (mobile arena).

Trappers are also equipped with a crowd control ability like harpoons and stasis grenades. These greatly restrict the monster's movement, allowing your team to do more damage, hindering his focus on your support/medic, and to slow down and even prevent his escape.

*It should be noted that a dome isn't always a good idea - pick your locations wisely and make sure your team is ready to handle the threat. A strong enough monster will rush you and flee - if you go down, so does the arena.


Playstyle: The Quick and the Dead

The medic is the lifeblood of the group.

Medics are usually the monster's first target, and if the medic goes down - the hunter team might be in trouble.

It's generally better to stay out of the monster's sight, be ready to get-in, get-out when the time is comes. A dead medic isn't much good to anyone.

*Be sure to keep your teammates health up during downtime. You never know what lurks around the corner - so be prepared!


Playstyle: Hybrid

The support class is a blend of the other 3 + a cloaking device.

The support's job is to do whatever is needed to ensure the team's success. Sometimes this means doing some damage, keeping track of the creature, or staying out of sight long enough to either revive your downed teammates or run like the wind.

*Each support provides a completely unique experience. Try them all to find the one that fits your specific play style.

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