About Evolve

The Basics

Evolve is an online multiplayer where players are pitted 4-vs-1 in one of the most innovative titles released in recent years.

A team of Hunters are tasked with tracking down and killing fierce Monsters on the hostile and very lethal planet Shear. Equipped with jet packs, a class special, and 3 different weapons (per hunter - there are currently 12), the hunters must eliminate their pray before the threat becomes colossal.

Players will have to be quick and cunning to survive on Shear. There is little room for error - one mistake could cost you (and your team) the game.


Surviving on Shear

Shear has a variety of wildlife both friendly, neutral, and deadly. Hunters (and monsters) should be aware of their surroundings at all times to avoid accidently being mauled or eaten.

Maps | Field Tactics | Strategy Guide

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